Multi generational travel with Accor Vacation Club

Talkin’ bout multi-generation (travel)

So, it’s official. Multi-generational travel is THE top trend for 2018. Some might argue that holidays that include three or more generations – be it grandparents, parents, children and even cousins and uncles and aunts – have always been a popular option. However, the phenomenon was officially identified by tourism authorities as an emerging ‘travel trend in 2015, and has been on the up and up ever since.

If you don’t quite believe us, then a recent report from travel experts Virtuoso might convince you!

You can check out the full Forbes article here, which reports that, Taking the kids — and even grandma with you — that’s the top travel trend for 2018, according to luxury travel network Virtuoso. It has revealed that the families continue to travel, in search of experiences that create closer bonds and lasting memories. Connecting with family through travel is one of 2018’s must-have experiences.”

Think back to your own childhood experiences. We bet some of the best (and the hilariously worst!) were spent with extended family! Accor Vacation Club is possibly ahead of the curve when it comes to the trend to take grandma, kids and cousins along for the trip.

Indeed, many Accor Vacation Club Members already use their memberships to take advantage of the great apartment accommodation on offer across the Club’s network to spend quality time with extend family regularly throughout the year.

Here are our top five reasons for jumping on board this trend – if you haven’t already.


  1. Getting serious about family time

Let’s face it. In our modern world, time is our most precious commodity, and spending it with the people that matter most to us should be a priority. We schedule work time, gym time, even me time – but what about time with extended family members? While social media, phone and email is a great way to stay in touch with those you love, nothing beats scheduling holidays together for actual face time and real contact. Seeing each other in the flesh, sharing a hug, conversation or just hearing each other laugh is the ultimate for creating memories based on shared experiences.

  1. Built in babysitters

For many parents juggling careers and family, grandparents have become more essential than ever to the family mix, lending a hand in the childcare stakes and for emotional support. That of course goes for time spent on holidays too. If a date night is hard to come by, then a multi-generational holiday offers a great opportunity for a mum and dad who have little chance to spend time together the perfect excuse for a mini-date escape. And let’s not forget the other relatives also on hand to keep a watchful eye on little ones, to give Nan and Pop a break too. A million memories are made from playing with cousins and that hilarious uncle or auntie who provide entertainment value for days!

  1. Sharing is caring

The beauty of bringing more family members along for the ride? There are more people to delegate to and collaborate with!  Sharing duties has to be one of the best perks of organising a holiday with an assortment of different family members involved. Cooking, cleaning, and even divvying up who is driving or researching different day trips can be a godsend. It means everyone can actually enjoy some time off, with each person bringing something different to the party. Collaborate and celebrate.

  1. Forging strong next-generation relationships

As we get older, we start to realise just how fragile life can be, and how important creating a legacy and establishing meaningful bonds truly is. Parents age. Children grow up quickly. Other family members move away as ‘life’ and new opportunities beckon. It’s so important not to wait until someone is sick and unwell, or until all your school and work commitments are completed, before planning that special holiday together. An annual trip is another brilliant way to ensure that special bonds are formed, encouraging a lifetime of love, support and of course a lust for travel with the people who know and (still) love you!

5. It’s FUN!

Ok, we admit it. Sometimes family time can be challenging. But in the scheme of things, holidays spent with family also represent some of the most rewarding and beautiful times you’ll ever have the privilege of enjoying. Embrace the crazy – and your family – and enjoy all the fun times that family travel represents.

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