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Timeshare travel review – The Sebel Creswick Forest Resort

The Sebel Creswick Forest Resort is a fantastic place for a mini break beyond Melbourne, located just out of Ballarat and near gorgeous Daylesford. With a great choice of mountain biking trails, spa culture, golfing, pubs, restaurants and cafes on its doorstep, the destination is definitely one to lock in for an autumn or winter escape. Of course if you need more incentive to book a stay, then you’re in luck, with the property recently finishing a $145,000 refresh of its 18 apartments.


Step back in time

Located in the heart of Victoria’s gold rush country, Creswick, and its neighboring villages of Clunes, Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, The Sebel Creswick is the launch pad for a whole range of amazing sightseeing, wellbeing and heritage tour options. While some might argue that the town’s most famous export is author Norman Lindsay – who wrote the iconic children’s book, The Magic Pudding – others would say that historically, gold is its enduring legacy.

While Lindsay’s artistic memory is kept alive with museums, parks and many buildings named after him in Creswick, the intoxicating gold rush era of the 1850 is never far from mind, with elegant, grand heritage architecture on display in most main streets. A beautiful reminder of the intense prosperity the gold rush represented for the region.

The Buried Rivers of Gold Heritage Trail is a self-guided driving tour worth doing, for a personal journey to uncover the amazing history of gold fever across land and local rivers. Booklets and maps are available for $2 at the Creswick Museum or the Creswick Visitor Information Centre and provide an insight into Creswick’s past and surrounds.


Spas and wellness

Before wellness holidays were ever a ‘thing’, Victoria was en trend and home to the hot spring holiday phenomenon for more than 150 years.  Offering Australia’s largest concentration of natural mineral springs, the twin spa towns of Daylesford and the Hepburn Springs are restorative, natural healing and wellness qualities that need to be experienced to be believed! Since 1895, that is exactly what travellers have done, and although swimming in the mineral rich Hepburn Pool is now advised against, you can still soak in the rejuvenating warm waters at a range of nearby professional spas, not least of all the historic Hepburn Bathhouse or delightful destination day spas at The Lakehouse or the Mineral Spa, to name a few.

If spa therapies, steam rooms, pools and aromatherapy aren’t your game, then head to the 30 acre Hepburn Springs Mineral Reserve where an abundance of beautiful gardens and walks wait. The reserve is the perfect place for a picnic, and to fill up your empty water bottle with your choice of mineral waters from Australia’s first mineral reserve, created in 1865. Each spring tastes a little different as the composition of minerals varies – not exactly wine tasting, but a lot healthier for you most would say!


Did someone say wine?

Of course, if you have wine on your mind, Creswick is within easy driving distance to Ballarat, Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges’ many wineries for those who want to trade spring water for a taste of the red, white and sparkling!

The region has a premium wine reputation, with many boutique wineries benefiting from the region’s low temperatures and yields. Popular varietals include pinot noir, pinot gris, chardonnay and sparkling wines. The 2018 Trip Advisor Excellence awarded Daylesford Wine Tours is a great way to explore local vineyards, without the need for a designated diver.

For traditional cider lovers, check out the Daylesford Cider Company to sample English-style, estate-grown apple brews at their best. Worth a visit in winter, with mulled cider by the fire a perfect way to warm up.


Golden golfing and a great yarn

For some, no holiday is complete without a round of golf. Fortunately, The Sebel Creswick Forest Resort is moments from the Creswick Golf Club. Designed by legendary course architect, Tony Cashmere, the 150 acre, international class course is set against a native bushland setting. Each nine holes has two five-par holes and two three-par holes, and is an impressive 6300 metre, championship length from the back tees.

After talking up your golf game, another type of yarn awaits at the Creswick Woollen Mills, a new tourism experience with a difference.  “A Very Fine Yarn” showcases the journey of fibre sourced direct from its source – alpacas! Be sure to arrive at Creswick Woollen Mills early in the day to make the most of your production-site visit, check out the beautiful products on offer or to simply stroll the picturesque grounds and see the mills’ resident alpacas up close.

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School holidays travel – tried and true ideas for a tear free trip

In need of a survival guide to get you through the upcoming school holidays? You are not alone. Family holidays are meant to be about making time and creating memories that your children will carry with them for the rest of their lives (ok that might be aiming too high…at least into next term!). But often, school holidays can be fraught with stress and problem solving that can easily sap the energy and magic right out of your vacation.

Here, we share a few ideas to help smooth the way to a fun – not frightful – trip away with your children.

  1. Book early!

We can’t stress this enough. Let’s face it, everyone with school aged children will be planning to travel and book accommodation at the same time as you, so thinking ahead and making that travel booking needs to be done as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  As they say, the early bird gets the worm (or the room as the case may be.)

  1. Select a destination to suit the ages and interests of your family.

It pays to have a good think about your kids’ ages, and how well the destination you have in mind might meet their age requirements and keep them best occupied. If younger members of the family are entertained and happy, it gives you a chance to relax and enjoy yourself too.

Overseas favourites like Bali and Fiji have great reputations as family destinations for those with younger children and babies, with good reason. The staff generally go above and beyond to entertain young guests while Mum and Dad kick back and have a chance to finish off breakfast at the restaurant buffet in peace! If your kids are older, perhaps a road trip and more adventure style options will seem less daunting. For example, the Gold Coast is famous for theme park fun if you think your kids are old enough to appreciate an action packed trip full of rollercoaster action. Melbourne offers everything you need to inject a little culture into your children’s lives. And the alpine regions of NSW and Victoria have adrenalin and snow adventures in easy reach, ideal for both summer and winter breaks that get you back in touch with nature and the great outdoors. It all depends on your family, so it pays to spend some time to consider your options in order to get this right.

  1. Apartments versus hotel rooms.

Let’s face it. Sometimes more is just, well, more! To make sure your holiday vibe remains chilled, an apartment can be a great option, offering a true home away from home experience with the added benefit of more space. Often, apartments also include several separate guest rooms, kitchen and laundry facilities. Especially great for those with larger families, who might not fit a traditional hotel room style configuration.

  1. Consider inviting friends and family.

There are definite benefits to travelling with family (including grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles), or close friends. By agreeing to travel to a destination with your wolf pack, you can ensure there will always be trusted friends to join your kids in the pool for a game of Marco Polo, a mate to bring you a drink while you are slaving over the barbecue, and an extra set of eyes to watch your brood while you duck away for that much need afternoon holiday nap. Plus, you get to share your holiday experiences with people you care about, with stories to reminisce over for years to come.

  1. Pack a carry bag with essentials, treats and surprises.

We all know that life happens, even to the best of us. To take the stress and drama out of excursions, day trip, flights and road trips always pack a carry back with you so that all the essentials you require are in reach. That includes first aid and toiletry essentials, and an extra set of clothes for each person (just in case!). Prepare your travel entertainment in advance too (charge those devices and pack those books and pencils!), and don’t forget some new gadgets or surprises to build moral and keep little minds engaged should you encounter delays on already long trips.

  1. Plan ahead… and then plan B (and in some cases, C)

The most organised trip can easily get derailed, so it’s important to stay flexible, adapt to changes, have a plan B ready to go to if unforeseen problems crop up. A sense of humour is also essential to face issues with a smile and set the tone for your little ones! In terms of itineraries, it’s always a good idea to plan some structured time into your day to give focus and have something to look forward to, even if it’s as simple as a daily beach walk or board game. For more packed itineraries that have you out and about in your destination, don’t forget to factor in some down time to simply relax and veg out with your crew. Sometimes it’s the unplanned moments where true holiday magic and memories happen!

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The information in this article is not personal financial advice and has been prepared without taking into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person.  Before making a decision to purchase or upgrade a membership in the Accor Vacation Club, you should consider the PDS dated 1 January 2017, issued by A.P.V.C. Ltd AFSL 245515 and available at or by contacting A.P.V.C. Ltd on 1800 70 81 90.

Seasonal packing ideas, Photo by Mantas Hesthaven from Pexels

Six seasonal holiday packing tips

Are you a disorganised suitcase stuffer? Or guilty of never have an umbrella handy when there is a torrential downpour outside? Packing for a trip away, even a short escape, can be a challenge for many people, with the urge to pack more ‘just in case’ items in your luggage than you and your nearest and dearest will ever manage to wear in the space of a week.

At this time of year, in-between weather can also present a challenge. Here are 6 simple suggestions to help keep you on track when getting your overnight case packed for your next short break this season.

1. Check the weather at your destination

It seems so simple…yet so many of us still don’t check the short range forecast before we head off. A quick search for your destination on the Bureau of Meteorology site can provide insights into what you really need to pack when heading away. If it looks like being sunny and humid for the week, do you really need to pack that beanie and snow boots? In most locations it definitely pays to check the low and high temperatures for the season too, and not assume that it is simply a cold or hot climate. Some tropical destinations can have surprising low temperatures in the winter months that you need to be prepared for, before the day heats up. I’ve seen some Fijians, not acclimatised to cooler weather, wear a beanie in August before the sun comes up on Denarau Island!


2. Mix and match

Planning your holiday wardrobe around neutrals is always a great idea, as it makes it that much easier to mix, match and be versatile with the pieces that do make it into your suitcase. Silver jewelry or a few statement items (think earrings, necklaces, scarves,) can bring basic outfits to life in short time. And if you run out of statement items? Always a great excuse to holiday shop (and let’s face it, who doesn’t do that already?!), and treat yourself to a ‘souvenir’ outfit!


3. Lay-er it all on me

If you are confused or concerned that the weather might be changeable at your destination, then layering is always a great strategy. Packing an assortment of tops, lightweight knits, jackets, and even a light rainproof jacket, is an almost foolproof way of ensuring you are never too hot or cold, with the option to simply adding or removing a few items to warm up a notch or cool down when the mercury rises. Long sleeve, light shirts can also be handy in hot locations, as an easy way of protecting yourself from the sun.


4. Then roll baby, roll

Most people have heard of this hack before, but if you haven’t tried it (and you just can’t bear the thought of packing less), then this is a tip for you to test drive this season. Layering can involve packing more, albeit sometimes less bulky, items, and rolling has been credited with not taking up less room in your suitcase, so it’s a natural solution to making more space for your clothes. Handy when packing tricky autumn and winter wear. Apparently your clothes end up less creased too – bonus! Of course, if an item does end up with a case of the wrinkles, and an iron isn’t handy, then hanging clothes on a hanger in a steamy bathroom and waving a handy hairdryer can smooth out your problems.


5. Scarves

Fashionable and functional, scarves are a great mid-season item to transform a neutral outfit from boring to brilliant in no time. When the temperature drops or the wind picks up, a knitted scarf added around your neck and décolletage adds warmth, and in hot weather can provide protection from the sun’s rays. Easy to pack and barely taking up any room, you can take a variety of colours, prints and textures to add some action and interest to your holiday wardrobe.


6. Fancy footwear

Shoes glorious shoes! While taking 20 pairs of shoes for a trip is (arguably!) a little over the top, for trans-seasonal weather holidays, having a decent variety of shoes to meet your weather and destination needs to actually a smart move. You will never regret packing a casual option, a classic or slightly dressy shoe, and a more functional option (think walking or all weather hiking boot depending on your location) for most trips. Empty corners or sneaky vacant spots in your luggage are perfect for packing (or hiding more) shoes, and matching pairs heel to toe style will buy you more space. Stuffing your shoes with rolled up socks will help retain their shape during travel, and always take some plastic bags, dedicated to storing your shoes in, to keep your clothes and other items protected on your travels.

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Photo by Mantas Hesthaven from Pexels

The beach opposite The Sebel Palm Cove Coral Coast

Timeshare travel review – The Sebel Palm Cove Coral Coast

While the rest of Australia is awaiting a pre-winter cold snap, Tropical North Queensland is still enjoying gorgeous weather, helping it stay on top as one of our favourite year round destinations.

One standout holiday gem along the coast has to be Palm Cove. For those seeking out a restful retreat with the sound of the ocean to lull you to sleep each night, this quaint beachside village is just the ticket. Far from the maddening crowds, and beyond the hustle of the busy tourist strip of downtown Cairns some 30 minutes south, it is the perfect place to stop, drop and finish that novel or crossword you’ve been putting off. Swaying palm trees, sundowners’ and sandy-heeled walks all par for the course on this holiday.


Speaking of courses…

Did we mention that golfers have a choice of 13 different golf courses in and around Palm Cove and Cairns to choose from for those keen to work on their game between cocktails? Beyond the call of the fairway and fishing pier on its famous beachfront, Palm Cove actually offers holidaymakers so many options when it comes to exploring the region. So keep your schedule clear before happy hour to make sure you pack as much (or as little) in as you can handle.


 It’s only natural

For those that visit Palm Cove and the top end for the first time, undoubtedly the thing that surprises them most is just how amazing the natural attractions of this destination really are. Most people underestimate the impact of their first encounter with the Great Barrier Reef, or how small they feel when they encounter the ancient trees of the Daintree Rainforest or wilderness of Cape Tribulation. A range of National Parks are within driving distance of Palm Cove for great day trips from your resort.

For an up close and (not too personal) encounter with fauna indigenous to the area, Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure Park is worth checking out. It boasts the largest collection of crocodiles in captivity and hosts a crocodile attack show to set your pulses racing. The park also offers encounters with koalas, cassowaries, and an educational wetlands cruise.


Picturesque Palm Cove beach

Palm Cove is well known for two things – being one of Far North Queensland’s cleanest beaches, and one of its cleanest. Protected 500 year old Melaleuca trees line the length of the beachfront, a beautiful sight, but also practical offering shade for beachgoers throughout the day. No beach umbrella required here. They are such an important part of the beachfront, that local buildings have been built around them, ensuring they remain an iconic and memorable part of the Palm Cove experience.

Swimming at Palm Cove is great at all times of the year, but just as a precaution its best to only swim inside the swimming enclosures during Stinger season from mid-November to mid-May. Of course, at all times of the year it is advisable to swim between the Surf Life Saving rescue flags, coloured yellow and red. Catamaran, sailing, kayaking, paddlewheel bikes and jet skiing are other great activities you can do direct from Palm Cove beach.

If fishing is more your thing, the Southern end of the beach is favoured by fishermen (and families) who seek out the pipis that populate the area. The pipi shuffle is a popular sight in Palm Cove as people young and old dig their heels in and twist ‘60s style to unearth the sea creatures from the wet sand!

Fishing from the shore is also possible, but many prefer to make use of the picturesque jetty for this activity.  The sunset and sunrise views from the jetty is a must see activity all year round, and the perfect destination for you daily beach walk. Don’t forget to take a souvenir selfie.


See food – and eat it!

There are so many dining options to tempt on the Palm Cove Esplanade, and for many seafood is the preferred choice, given the beachfront location of many cafes, bars and restaurants.  Once the sun starts to dip down over the horizon, it’s the place to be to be for happy hour, into the night. The ambiance is second to none, with gentle ocean breezes, great cuisine, and candlelight combining for a memorable holiday dining experience. Standout restaurants include the much acclaimed Nu Nu Restaurant, al fresco dining on the deck at the Reef House or the Palm Cove Surf Club for convivial, casual dining.


No man is an island

After a few days unwinding in Palm Cove, often a day trip is in order for a little sun, sand, and the chance to mix with other holidaymakers or locals. Fitzroy Island is a popular option. Departing from Cairns, it’s an all-rounder destination with something for everyone. Great snorkelling, sea kayaking, hiking and a range of bars and restaurants to enjoy a meal under the sunshine and watch the world go by.


Pull up at The Sebel Palm Cove Coral Coast

The Sebel Palm Cove Coral Coast is a great place to base yourself while visiting Palm Cove. Accommodation options include a choice of studio, one, two and three-bedroom apartments. Facilities include an outdoor pool, tour desk, complimentary car parking for guests, floodlit tennis courts, a sauna and golf.

Address: Coral Coast Drive, Palm Cove QLD 4879

Phone: (07) 7 4059 8000



The information in this article is not personal financial advice and has been prepared without taking into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person.  Before making a decision to purchase or upgrade a membership in the Accor Vacation Club, you should consider the PDS dated 1 January 2017, issued by A.P.V.C. Ltd AFSL 245515 and available at or by contacting A.P.V.C. Ltd on 1800 70 81 90. All hotel and cruise bookings are subject to availability.


Grand Mercure Basildene Manor Accor Vacation Club Apartments

Timeshare travel review – Grand Mercure Basildene Manor

Set amongst manicured gardens in the award winning Margaret River wine region of Western Australia, Grand Mercure Basildene Manor is a one-of-a-kind historic property.

Classified by the National Trust and Heritage Council and dating back to 1912, Basildene Manor is a firm favourite with Accor Vacation Club’s Members, offering a laid back yet elegant experience just three hours south of Perth.


Oh Margaret, what’s not to love!

A two minute hop, step and jump away from Basildene is the township of Margaret River, a seriously stunning destination famous for its decadent food and produce, and serious wine industry.

It’s equally famous of course for its spectacular surfing beaches and natural attractions, while offering a variety of walking and cycling tracks that hug the river line. For those who love the great outdoors, these tracks offer a brilliant opportunity to explore ancient forests and vistas of vineyards along the way.

Wine-lovers will vouch for the regions award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Semillon vintages, crafted by some 200 vineyards that call the area home.


Pristine Prevelley

A short 10 minutes from the hotel is sublime Prevelley Beach, well regarded by locals and surfers for its exceptional surf, pristine environment and dramatic limestone caves.

Despite becoming a more trendy destination in recent times, Prevelley’s charm remains in the fact that it has lost none of its authenticity and is still regarded as a ‘sleepy village’ by most. It is still undeveloped and even for non-surfers, it’s hard not to be impressed by its rolling surf breaks, stunning sand dunes and Indian Ocean views.


Isn’t it romantic…

Whether you are celebrating love, rekindling a spark, or looking for an excuse to just reconnect with that special someone, Basildene Manor is a perfect setting to conjure up cupid. Serving up a great dose of old world charm aside contemporary comforts and luxurious surrounds, it’s little wonder that Grand Mercure Basildene Manor was voted an impressive #12 out of 24 top hotels recognised in the ‘Top Hotels for Romance – Australia’ category. With so many great wineries and beaches close by for sunset strolls, who would be surprised!

Of course, the hotel is a destination appeals to lovers of life and great travels generally, with Basildene also ranking #1 out of 10 properties located in Margaret River, Western Australia, in TripAdvisor’s annual Travelers’ Choice™ awards* for Hotels.

In 2018, travellers’ awarded a further ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for consistently earning great guest reviews, making for an impressive hat trick of accolades earned in 2018. All worthy reasons to add this hotel to your accommodation bucket list on your next visit to Western Australia.


Styling up in the great outdoors

Proving that the outdoor environment is just as worthy or attention as the inside experience or a hotel destination, Accor Vacation Club undertook an significant outdoor enhancement program at the property to better showcase its sprawling gardens and ensure that its outdoor living spaces remain top of mind for Members.

Timber decking has been replaced with sturdy stainless steel, while new lighting – including ambient fairy light installations throughout the estate’s ancient trees – now feature, to extend the appeal of Basildene’s outdoor spaces from dusk to enchanted evenings spent outdoors. Further coach lighting has been installed down the Manor’s famous drive and entrance, for an added sense of arrival.

Need extra storage when you stay? No problem! The hotel recently added more luggage space for the convenience of guests awaiting check in and departure.


Address: 187 Wallcliffe Road, Margaret River, WA 6285

Phone: (08) 9757 3140


* Travelers’ Choice awards are presented annually to the top 1% of businesses across selected categories, with the hallmarks of winners being remarkable service, quality and value. A Travelers’ Choice award is regarded as TripAdvisor’s highest recognition, and is highly sought after in the hospitality and travel industry.


The information in this article is not personal financial advice and has been prepared without taking into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. Before making a decision to purchase or upgrade a membership in the Accor Vacation Club, you should consider the PDS dated 1 January 2017, issued by A.P.V.C. Ltd AFSL 245515 and available at or by contacting A.P.V.C. Ltd on 1800 70 81 90. All hotel and cruise bookings are subject to availability.

Golden holiday moments – the Gold Coast, uncovered

If you think it’s time to visit – or revisit – the iconic ‘coast with the most’, then prepare to be inspired!

Famed for its bright lights, breathtaking beaches and theme parks, the Gold Coast is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most popular hotspots. The destination has certainly come a long way since it first surfed the beach culture wave to fame back in the 1950s, evolving into the diverse, high-end, holiday haven it is today.

Whether you prefer scenic hinterland drives, epic beach breaks and paddle boarding, or taking in an action-packed calendar of cultural and sporting events (not least of all the 2018 Commonwealth Games), there is no better time than now to rediscover the Gold Coast .

Welcome to Paradise

Surfers Paradise comfortably maintains its position as the good-times hub of the Gold Coast, The new foreshore is bustling throughout the day with walkers, cyclists and skateboarders taking advantage of this beachfront boulevard vista overlooking the surf and sand. Like the Surfers Paradise of yesteryear, beachside shopping, dining, bars and clubs continually offer the complete holiday experience all in one compact destination package.

Fairway to heaven

The Gold Coast is not only a ‘Surfers Paradise’, but a golfers’ paradise too, boasting more than 40 of Australia’s finest golf courses.  Nestled between Lakelands and Palm Meadows golf courses, Accor Vacation Club’s newest address, Mercure Gold Coast Resort, is the perfect resort for a golf holiday, partnering with five golf courses all within a ten-minute drive from the resort. Play at one course, or enjoy five different locations. Guests can take advantage of Mercure resort’s booking service to arrange tee times at their preferred course. If you are after some professional advice to up your game, check out The Golf School at Palm Meadows Driving Range.

Sky is the limit

Arguably the best way to take in the magnificent Gold Coast is from above. A twilight experience on Australia’s highest external building climb, Skypoint, is a must-do, lasting 90 minutes from the beginning to the end and featuring an awe-inspiring, open-air adventure atop one of Queensland’s most recognised land marks – the iconic Q1 Building. The Skypoint Observation Deck is available for those who wish to watch their friends and family climb, without donning the harness themselves! Rising 270m into the air, SkyPoint Climb is Australia’s highest external building climb and provides unparalleled 360′ views of the Gold Coast and beyond. For a less pulse racing, but equally stunning, view of the coast from above, a hot air balloon ride is also unforgettable. Balloon Aloft Gold Coast has been showcasing the Gold Coast and its spectacular scenery for over 20 years. Departing from the Mercure Gold Coast Resort, you will have the chance to float like a cloud as you witness the sunrise climbing over the stunning panorama, from high-rises and shimmering waterways to the Hinterland.

Surfing the menu

The increasing sophistication of the region has brought a serve of top-notch restaurants and cafes for visitors to try. Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, and Surfers Paradise all offer an exceptional choice of eateries, from prizewinning pizza places and gelato bars to fine dining options, such as ocean facing The Fish House ay Burleigh Beach. In a league of its own, The Fish House Is credited with introducing a style of dining that put the Gold Coast on the food map nationally and sparked the beginning of the dining revolution. Palm Beach is the latest emerging dining precinct of the Gold Coast. The once sleepy suburb is now the new destination for discriminating diners. For those who want to taste test the GC themselves, there are a number of locally led food and wine tours available.

This little tourist went to market

The Gold Coast offers a fascinating and diverse array of markets to satisfy every need, from art and craft to fashion, seasonable fresh produce, gifts and knick knacks. A trip to any one of the Gold Coast’s markets can mean a shopping bag full of edible souvenirs, gourmet products and other delights. For early risers, the Gold Coast’s bustling markets serve up delicious paddock-to-plate inspired breakfasts from 6.00am at Palm Beach, Bundall and Helensvale. For those staying in Surfers Paradise, The Esplanade Surfers Paradise offers market stalls between 4pm and 9pm every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night.

Hinterland fling

Springbrook and Mt Tamborine are just two highlights of the local hinterland and rainforest region that form the beating green heart of the Gold Coast. Ideal for day trips (a 45 minute drive from the tourist strip), the hinterland offers numerous walking trails, or for those who prefer to cruise, breathtaking scenic drives. You’ll see views waterfalls that tumble down into the depths of the canyon, cool rock creeks that flow into swimming holes and some of the oldest trees in Australia. For a change of pace, there are several local wineries to stop by including Tamborine’s Witches Falls cellar door, a brewery and even a mountainside distillery Add to this award-winning restaurants, art galleries, sweeping coastal views and that delicious mix of old and new-world charm for a perfect day out.

Modern Family 

Ready to release your inner child? The Gold Coast is home to a literal world of theme parks – think Movie World, Dream World, Sea World, and even White Water World. And let’s not forget that family favourite, Wet & Wild for the summer season, and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (where a Koala cuddle is almost obligatory). With so many aqua attractions splashed around the Gold Coast, it can be hard to find a beach that best suits children. Tallebudgera Creek offers a sandy bottomed lagoon, crystal waters and plenty of shade for afternoon lazing. For kids a little older and eager to learn, Currumbin Alley Surf School is perfect for a family-friendly surf session on some of the best beginner waves on the GC. When heading out with the kids seems too hard, keep in mind that Accor Vacation Club’s Turtle Beach Resort on Mermaid Beach offers a holiday kids’ club for 4-12 year olds.


Handy holiday tip…It’s easy to forget just how widespread the Gold Coast actually is, so planning ahead is important, especially when driving between the beaches and hinterland, from Coolangatta airport in the South, or to the theme parks in the North.


Accor Vacation Club Apartments to explore:



The information in this article is not personal financial advice and has been prepared without taking into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person.  Before making a decision to purchase or upgrade a membership in the Accor Vacation Club, you should consider the PDS dated 1 January 2017, issued by A.P.V.C. Ltd AFSL 245515 and available at or by contacting A.P.V.C. Ltd on 1800 70 81 90. All hotel and cruise bookings are subject to availability.