Sharon Page – Antarctica Flight Experience

Everything was seamless, with Accor Vacation Club

I am Sharon and my sister is Denise. We both took advantage of the wonderful Antarctica Package arranged by APVC/Accor in early February 2017. I am a dialysis patient restricted in my travel by my treatments. Can you imagine my joy when we received the information about this trip? It actually fitted in with my schedule.

Everything was seamless. The package included two nights stay in the beautiful, new Pullman Sydney Airport Hotel along with first night dinner and Antarctic Information Sessions from scientists and others. We were picked up early in the morning to catch our fantastic, exclusive, QANTAS 747 for out flight. During the early part of the flight we were given even more information from the specialists. Then, as we reached the massive, free floating, ice burgs the spectacle began. First embedded ice burgs in free floating sea ice. Then we were over the coast of Antarctica with relatively small glaciers spilling into the sea. We spent the next 4-5 hours flying over parts of this massive continent completely covered in snow except for a few cliff faces and major mountain peaks. We sure needed our sunglasses to see it at its best. It was sparkling.

There were also massive glaciers. Goodness knows how many kilometres wide these were. They lay as huge white “flatlands” between what appeared to be only tiny peaks but were actually huge mountains.

Photographs can only give an impression. Go on this journey yourself. It was great value. We got picked up at the airport in the evening and taken back to our hotel where we enjoyed an included, full breakfast the next morning and late checkout. Also I would like to add that the Accor guests paid only slightly more for our full package than the one day airfare as told to me by a non Accor passenger.  The weather was amazing for the whole trip.


Sharon Page